The Milton Hershey School first opened in 1910. Four boys, fatherless and with mothers unable to provide adequately for them, were the first to be admitted. The boys lived at The Homestead, the farmhouse where Milton Hershey was born.

Mr. Hershey had strong personal beliefs in how the school should be run. Most important was his belief that every student should develop a vocational skill which would help him make a living after graduation and throughout his life. A strong vocational training program evolved from
this belief.

Mr. Hershey also insisted that the boys learn to love both God and their fellow human beings. Therefore, the students were required to attend a weekly nonsectarian service held in Founder's Hall.

Another belief of Mr. Hershey was in the wholesomeness of farm life.
Until recently, the boys were actively involved in farm activities.

Currently, Milton Hershey School is co-educational and provides for 1,150 boys and girls. An outstanding educational program is in place with a home/family environment in student homes. Each home has
approximately 12 students supervised by houseparent couples.

In addition to the educational program, a full range of extracurricular activities is available.

The success of Milton Hershey School can be seen in its nearly 7,000 graduates. These boys and girls are an outstanding part of Mr. and Mrs. Hershey's living heritage.

For more information or an application for enrollment, please visit the Milton Hershey School web site at or call them
toll-free at 800-322-3248.

1068 Derry Woods Dr Hummelstown, PA 17036